2019 General Election

by merioconnell on 30 October, 2019

Months after proudly standing for the Lib Dems in the 2017 snap general election, I started on the journey towards becoming a qualified teacher

It has been an amazing roller coaster of a couple of years. I have learnt so much about myself and my strengths and weaknesses. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there were times when I doubted the wisdom of my choices, but a smile from a student as they had a eureka moment or a supportive chat with a colleague, makes it all feel worthwhile.

I am still in awe of all the education professionals I work alongside, watching as they juggle huge workloads and care for their student’s wellbeing, whilst managing to deliver an education that stimulates and engages young minds.

I love teaching and have no regrets about deciding to change careers. So why have I put my hat into the ring to become the next Member of Parliament for Reading West now that another snap general election has been called?

It’s taken a lot of soul searching and time with my family to realise that in these unprecedented times, sometimes you have to be prepared stand up and fight for what you believe in. The increasing likelihood of a no deal Brexit and its distraction from important issues like our climate change crisis, throws the futures of the children I am educating into doubt.

I have heard Brexit pundits declare that the country can ride out a recession and financial difficulties and stagnation for a few years. That may be so for older people, with mortgages and stable jobs. But for young people, whose educations and future chances are dependant on overworked teachers and support staff, they can’t wait it out They need a government that is focused on improving this great country. Those who are leaving education and training and are looking for those important first jobs; those who are seeking that first promotion and a chance to show what they can do, can’t wait it out for a few years. They deserve a country with an expanding, not contracting economy.

I believe that we will be thrown into economic disarray in the event of a no deal Brexit. We will not have money to focus on the NHS, Education, Social care and tackling the climate emergency. These are things that directly effect our every day lives. Without a strong economy we cannot afford the improvements that we need.

Stopping Brexit and refocusing our attention on the things that are going to help create a positive future for all of us will be my main focus now a general election has been called. It could be our last chance to prevent the narrow result of a flawed and illegally conducted advisory referendum being implemented without the final say of the people.

I am by nature an optimist and what I see each day of our young people gives me much cause to hope. It is our job as the current caretakers of this country to make sure we have something we can be proud to hand over to them when its their turn to take over the reins.

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